Sweater Adventure!

So, yes, I have been knitting for 10 years and have never knitted a sweater. (Okay, okay, that’s a lie, but the last one I tried to make turned out ginormous, and I was afraid to try anything again for fear of wasting a ton of yarn on something I would never wear.) It always seemed too complicated and honestly, I’m lazy. Then I started getting a little bored with scarves and hats and more scarves and more hats, so it’s time to up the ante a little and try something new. I came across this pattern in Knitscene Fall 2013, “The Rock Candy Pullover” from Talitha Kuomi. It’s simple yet elegant style really fits what I was looking for, and the measurements seem to actually match up with my own. Rare! So, I’ve casted on, using Cascade Venezia Worsted, and so far so good.


This is the first time I’ve tried this yarn and it’s really been knitting up nice, and my gauge swatch came out even softer after washing and blocking, I’m looking forward to the finished project! I may even actually wear it. Hooray!


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