Feeding the Yarn Addiction

So, naturally, I could not help myself and bought several more skeins of yarn whilst in the midst of making the sweater. Because, it’s not like I already have a bunch of yarn stuffed in my closet.

So, here’s some of the evidence of my addiction:


Manos Del Uruguay Maxima in CHARTRUESE! I’m a little afraid of this color, but I thought I’d step out of my comfort zone and make something loud for a pop of color with my mainly black, gray, blue, and olive wardrobe.

Manos Serena in lovely gray.

& last but certainly not least, ArtYarns Ensemble light 200 in Stonewashed Navy.

The plans for these are, respectively;

Botany Kerchief

Indian Summer Hat

200 Yard Scarf

Really excited about these pieces, I think they will be really great in these colors! That is, if I can stay focused and don’t let my knitting ADD kick in when I come across the next shiny new yarn. (Oh, and yes, I did buy this all on Craftsy. I’m obsessed with it, my only problem is that it makes it way too easy to feed the addiction.)


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