Attempting Lace, Again

So I’ve tried lace knitting before, and it ended in frustration and then eventually failure which led to frogging and starting over using the yarn for a completely different project. But, I did a KAL a few months back that introduced some basic lace stitches, and once I had someone explaining exactly what I had to do one step at a time with pictures I got it. Somehow watching youtube videos wasn’t quite doing it the first time.

So! Here I go again. Mom requested an hat and scarf, a pink hat and scarf, and I wanted to do something that wasn’t too bulky and more feminine. So, after digging through my library, I found this Mockingbird Tam & Scarf by Kristen TenDyke in November Knits and thought it would be perfect.

It took me a while to find some pink yarn in madelinetosh tosh sock. Luckily eat.sleep.knit had some. It was a bit more than I like to spend on yarn, but it’s worth it for quality, plus I think it’s super cute that they send a scratcher and a lollipop with your order.


I decided to cast on for the scarf first, just because I feel like that was more important to my Mom that the hat part, I hardly ever see her where hats. Seems to be going okay so far. I already made one or two mistakes in the pattern, but I’m hoping no one notices, because I’m too lazy to start over.


Sorry for the sort of dark picture. I really need to learn to take photos when it’s light out.

Also, notice how I magically found a project that I had to buy new yarn for? I have a problem.


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