Okay, I’m Back!

  The blanket is finally finally done! That only took, what? Six months? Yeah, no time at all. I have to blame a) the fact that I’m a slow knitter and b) I have what I like to call seasonal knitting disorder, as in, it gets hot outside and suddenly I’d rather paint or something. I’m trying very desperately to break that habit. So, here’s hoping. 
The good news is, the blanket is done, all I need to do is go invest in some blacking wires, block it, then I can finally give it to Mum, now that it’s too hot to actually need. Brilliant! It’ll at least look lovely on her sofa.

Next up, I’m going to finish the Tuva Hat I started before the blanket, and maybe attempt to learn Continental method, since everyone seems to swear by it being faster.

Did any of you have a preferred method?

I’ve always just used the English method, because that’s how my grandmother taught me, and I’m just used to it. 


Blanket In Progress

Cascade Eco+ Quilted Cable Afghan

Well, here it is. I’m hoping maybe if I get some encouraging comments (cough cough) I’ll regain my motivation to finish it. I really really need to do more than three rows a day if I expect to get it done any time soon. And I’ve started looking at Ravelry, adding so much to my queue, anticipating my next project. Even though I have now added enough to my queue for maybe 20 years worth of projects. And that is if I had as much time for knitting as I dream of. I should really just find some rich guy to marry so I can just stay home and knit all the time. That would really solve all my problems, I think. I also made the mistake of ordering three project kits from Craftsy, as if I didn’t already have enough yarn. Oh, wait, that’s right, too much is never enough when it comes to yarn, amiright?!

Any suggestions on how to stay motivated when working on a large project like an afghan?

I think they’re beautiful and cozy warm (I have fallen asleep under it several times, even though it’s only half done, maybe that’s why it’s taking so long…) when they’re done, but man, it’s a lot of work.

Oh, also, if you like this pattern, I got it off of Craftsy, here.

Hope your projects are moving along more nicely than mine.