Some Updates, and SOCKS!

First things first, I started my first attempt at socks. So far so good, but I think I am going to run out of yarn. I’ve decided I’m okay with it, since these were really just something I wanted to try to knit, and not necessarily wear.


I also finished a scarf and hat, before realizing that it’s getting warmer out, and I need smallish projects that I may actually use…

I’m still waiting on an order of some handmade wooden buttons to sew onto the hat, so it’s not quite done yet, but I’m counting it as finished.

I think the knitting group has really helped me focus (obsess?) on my knitting, so I’m more motivated than usual to get things done.

In other news, I’m starting to plan a trip to London in August, if anyone has been or is from around there, any tips or suggestions of where to go would be much appreciated! Especially yarn shops, and maybe also where to eat. Those are my priorities.

I’ve been very good about not buying any new yarn until I work my way through my stash, with the intention that I may bring home a whole suitcase full from the trip. If the mood should strike me.


Finished Lunaris Shawl, and A New WIP


More lace knitting! Hooray! I was going to start on my sister’s Christmas present, which is the Grace Clutch from Knitscene Accessories 2015, mentioned in an earlier post, but then realized I did not have the right size needles. (Why does it seem like I have to buy a new set for every project I start?) And felt the need to get some new addi’s, because after using those on the Afghan I made for Mum, I don’t want to go back to my collection of cheap bamboo needles. So, basically, I started this because my finger’s were itching to knit, and I couldn’t wait the two days for the needles to be delivered. I have every intention of putting it down to start work on the Clutch as soon as I get the needles, but…I might have to put that off for a bit, while I’m still exciting about this pattern, which is the ever popular Lace Ribbon Scarf by Veronik Avery. I’ve already messed up on a section, but I think it is not so noticeable that I have to start over. Or at least I hope it’s only noticeable to me. You guys tell me. I love this color of yarn, which is Madeline Tosh Tosh Sock in Worn Denim. I think it works really well with the pattern, and almost looks like flowing water.

Here’s the finished Lunaris Shawl. I think I will be wearing it like this, for the most part. Shawls aren’t really my thing, but there are so many beautiful patterns for them, it might have to become my thing.


What do you think? Sorry for the bad iPhone photos. They look so cloudy, I can’t figure it out. My dad can take wonderful photos with his phone, but mine always turn out bad. Perhaps it’s just the lighting? I’m taking a photography class, so hopefully I’ll improve, or stop being lazy and use a REAL camera. Oh, the novelty. I’m also taking a class to get a Legal Secretary Certificate, in hopes that I can get a better job, so I  may not be posting as much, since I will have less time for knitting, but when it’s over maybe I’ll be making more money, which translates to more yarn. 😉

More Stuff for the Stash

More Yarn!

So, I know I said I wasn’t going to buy any new yarn until I finished the afghan, but I think we all knew that was an empty promise. I really need to stop looking on Craftsy and Ravelry. It’s a real problem. Part of me was also hoping that if I bought some stuff for new projects I’d get excited enough about them to speed through the rest of the afghan. But, sadly, that has not worked. Although, I do have to thank everyone for your encouraging comments. They have made me re-inspired to finish it, even if it does take me another month or two. I was hoping I’d at least have it done in time for Mother’s Day, but I find that unlikely.

Anyway, this yarn will eventually become these things:

Seed Stitch Tie (I’ve always wanted an excuse to knit a tie, and my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday is coming up, so I’m going to knit this for him. It’ll be a nice quick project which I think will be a good reprieve from the afghan. Even if he doesn’t wear it, I think he’ll at least appreciate the work behind it. I hope. Maybe it’s a bad idea…Ugh, I hate knitting something for someone without asking them about it first.) I’ll be using the lovely green Rowan Tweed.

Polarized Hat (I need more hats, and I’m excited to try more colorwork.)

Night Owl Mittens


Normally, I like to buy more colorful yarn, but I’ve come to the realization that the three things I actually wear that I’ve made are all neutral. Apparently, I want to skip Spring/Summer and go straight to Fall. Oh well.

Lace Success!

Mockingbird Tam & Scarf


Huzzah! It’s finished! I think once I got the pattern memorized, it really went quickly. I think that’s what I liked the most about this pattern, it was super easy to memorize the lace. Although, I think I must have read something wrong in the pattern (or blocked it improperly) and it the scarf turned out much longer than it should have. But, really, is that the end of the world? To have a scarf that’s long? Probably not. I also overbought on the yarn, and now have an extra skein. Perhaps that calls for an attempt at socks?

Mom loved it, and is now requesting an afghan in a merlot color. Of course, by the time I get that finished, it will be too warm out to actually need one.

Something else I’ve realized as I’m writing this, I need to learn to use a real camera. iPhone photos are great on your phone, but not so much when you get them on the computer. Perhaps that is user error, though, and not the camera…

Where can I find good tips on how to take photos of your knitting? Any suggestions? Also, does anyone know where you can get one of those foam head things? If you know what I’m talking about? I’m not sure what they’re actually called.

Attempting Lace, Again

So I’ve tried lace knitting before, and it ended in frustration and then eventually failure which led to frogging and starting over using the yarn for a completely different project. But, I did a KAL a few months back that introduced some basic lace stitches, and once I had someone explaining exactly what I had to do one step at a time with pictures I got it. Somehow watching youtube videos wasn’t quite doing it the first time.

So! Here I go again. Mom requested an hat and scarf, a pink hat and scarf, and I wanted to do something that wasn’t too bulky and more feminine. So, after digging through my library, I found this Mockingbird Tam & Scarf by Kristen TenDyke in November Knits and thought it would be perfect.

It took me a while to find some pink yarn in madelinetosh tosh sock. Luckily eat.sleep.knit had some. It was a bit more than I like to spend on yarn, but it’s worth it for quality, plus I think it’s super cute that they send a scratcher and a lollipop with your order.


I decided to cast on for the scarf first, just because I feel like that was more important to my Mom that the hat part, I hardly ever see her where hats. Seems to be going okay so far. I already made one or two mistakes in the pattern, but I’m hoping no one notices, because I’m too lazy to start over.


Sorry for the sort of dark picture. I really need to learn to take photos when it’s light out.

Also, notice how I magically found a project that I had to buy new yarn for? I have a problem.

Feeding the Yarn Addiction

So, naturally, I could not help myself and bought several more skeins of yarn whilst in the midst of making the sweater. Because, it’s not like I already have a bunch of yarn stuffed in my closet.

So, here’s some of the evidence of my addiction:


Manos Del Uruguay Maxima in CHARTRUESE! I’m a little afraid of this color, but I thought I’d step out of my comfort zone and make something loud for a pop of color with my mainly black, gray, blue, and olive wardrobe.

Manos Serena in lovely gray.

& last but certainly not least, ArtYarns Ensemble light 200 in Stonewashed Navy.

The plans for these are, respectively;

Botany Kerchief

Indian Summer Hat

200 Yard Scarf

Really excited about these pieces, I think they will be really great in these colors! That is, if I can stay focused and don’t let my knitting ADD kick in when I come across the next shiny new yarn. (Oh, and yes, I did buy this all on Craftsy. I’m obsessed with it, my only problem is that it makes it way too easy to feed the addiction.)